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Educational Goals:   Math and Me
    The Transition-to-Teaching Program has given me the perfect opportunity to take my love of math and transform it into the ability to teach it. I am looking forward to the learning process and eventually being able to take that knowledge and apply it. It will be exciting to sit under different professors and to rub shoulders with many different teachers, especially those in my field. I am anxious to learn all that I can to become an exceptional teacher.

Educ 565    Summer 02
Computers in Curriculum
Webquest | Power Point

Educ 601
Spring 02
Research in Education
Critique of Research Article | Research Proposal | Survey for the Research Proposal

Educ 603
Fall 02
Historical and Philosophical Influences
in Education

Jackson Reflection Paper | Dewey Reflection Paper | Charlotte Mason Presentation

Educ 611
Summer 03
Secondary School Curriculum

From the Eyes of a Student | Educational Articles | Curriculum Project
Educ 621
Summer 02
Measurement and Evaluation
Evaluation Simile Project | Movie Application Project | Integrated Thematic Unit

Educ 622
Fall 02
Seminar in Adolescent Psychology
Let's Get Acquainted | Math and Me | Why Should We Learn Math | Journal 1 | Journal 2 | Journal 3

Educ 631
Fall 02
Analysis of Instruction
Review of Literature

Educ 671
Spring 03 Integrating Research Seminar in Secondary Education USI IRB Application | IRB Approval | Aiken Math Attitude Test | Elementary Math Test | Mental Math Exercises 1-10 | MM Ex 11-20 | MM Ex 21-30 | MM Ex 31-41 | MM Quizzes | Discussion Board Questions | Calculator Experiment | Student/Faculty Interview Questions | Research Project | Results on the Pre/Post Tests | Student Information

Educ 690
Spring 03
Issues in Reading, Diversity and Exceptional Needs

Literacy Timeline | Special Education Reaction Paper | Writing in the Classroom | Lesson Plan #1 | Lesson Plan #2 | Cover Letter/Resume | Final Project
Educ 690
Spring 03
Supervised Student Teaching

Algebra 1 | Pre-Calculus
Math 605
Spring 03
Problem Solving in Math

Irrational Numbers Explanation | Non-Traditional Problems | Use of Intrigue Article
Math 638
Summer 02
Fundamental Models Statistical Inference
Credit Card Project | Credit Card Analysis